June 23, 2014 - Dylan Burkhardt

NBA Draft Shot Chart: Doug McDermott

mcdermott update

Doug McDermott’s shot chart is close to a work of art and the sort of thing you would expect from the National Player of the Year. McDermott’s scoring prowess is on full display in this chart as he can score from the perimeter, finish at the rim and he even has a decent mid-range game.  McDermott is one of the best post scorers and best pick-and-pop players in the draft, but he can he can also score in isolation situations and you can also see evidence of his one-leg Dirk-style jumper. There’s really no flaw in his game offensively other than the fact that he doesn’t shoot many threes from the right corner. McDermott might not post eye-popping athletic measurements, but it’s tough to imagine that a 6-foot-8 player as versatile as McDermott can’t find a role in an NBA offense.

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